The Versatile Harp

The Versatile Harp

When most people think of harp music they imagine soft, melodic strumming as the bride slowly glides toward the alter. Well, that is a true image, no doubt. But it’s not all there is!
Yes, the harp is a wonderful instrument for wedding ceremonies and receptions, dinners and cocktail parties. The music creates a gracious and refined atmosphere that is resonant enough to be heard throughout, yet never overpowers the guests’ conversations. And yes, you will hear Bach and Beethoven, Handel and Vivaldi, but did you ever think you would hear Paul McCarthy, Eric Clapton, Lionel Richie, Justin Bieber, Josh Grobin or Taylor Swift. Just imagine! The harp is so very versatile and any style of music, any repertoire can be played on the harp. That’s what keeps us so excited. The harp is a grand and gracious instrument, both in sound and appearance. A classical instrument that can be hip and modern, contemporary and jazzy. You can take the harp and add a bass, or flute, a trumpet and saxophone, a cello or violin, and now you have it all. Imagine hearing John Coltrane or Miles Davis as you sip on a fine cocktail. Imagine hearing Boyz to Men or Dido while you dine. We play all of your favorites, old and new. That’s why we love the harp and we hope you will, too!

Have a harpy day!
Felice & the Gilded Harps

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