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Wedding vendors are broken down into 26 categories, with no more than three vendors in each category.

The only exception is venues, and if you meet prerequisites for membership, you are welcome to contact us.

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Frequently asked questions

About Boston Wedding Group

Boston Wedding Group is a not-for-profit group which simplifies wedding vendor selection by vetting the product and service providers couples need to bring their vision for “the big day” to life. Learn more about Boston Wedding Group on our About page.

Boston Wedding Group held its first meeting in 1995 with just a handful of members, some of whom are still in the group today. Since that first meeting, the group has expanded in reach and influence, boasting dozens of vendors spanning 26 categories!

Boston Wedding Group is a collective of active businesses which service the wedding industry. These business span a wide range of categories, including food, clothing, and professional services.

Wedding vendors are broken down into 26 categories, with typically three vendors in each category.

The only exception is venues, and if you meet the prerequisites for membership, you are welcome to contact us.

View all of our Vendor categories here.

Boston Wedding Group is governed by a Board of Directors. You can read more about the Board of Directors, their professional background and their experience on the Board of Directors page.
No. Boston Wedding Group is a 501c3 not-for-profit organization.

Boston Wedding Group vendors must hold to the group’s code of ethics, which requires steadfast commitment to ethical business practices. These guidelines mainly support and encourage transparency between vendor and customer. You can read the full Code of Ethics by clicking this link.

Boston Wedding Group can be reached through the contact form.

Frequently asked questions

For Couples

The vendors in Boston Wedding Group have been thoroughly vetted for professionalism and expertise. While members, the vendors are held to a Code of Ethics to further enforce transparent and honest business practices. This pre-vetting process means that couples can confidently select from our member listwithout worrying about the vendor’s quality of product or service.

Yes! Anyone can search for a vendor on Boston Wedding Group’s website. Click here to start your search!

Yes! Boston Wedding Group supports the right of all couples who are in love to marry, and our vendors serve all couples with dignity and without judgment.
Yes! Any couple, no matter their faith expression, may search for a vendor through Boston Wedding Group.

It’s easy! Visit our Testimonials page to read the rave reviews happy couples have left us over the years.

Yes! We receive photos from happy couples who used Boston Wedding Group all the time. Click here to view the gallery.

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Frequently asked questions

Vendors and Membership

Each potential vendor must submit to Boston Wedding Group’s review process. Visit our Membership page for more information.

Boston Wedding Group only accepts vendors who work at their craft full time.
Visit the Vendors section of our website at any time. If there are fewer than three vendors listed, there is a vacancy in that category. The exception to this rule is for venues. Venues are accepted case by case at the discernment of the Board of Directors.

Members must attend most meetings, held monthly. Members are also expected to give referrals to other group members. More details can be found on the Membership page.

Applicants must attend two of BWG’s monthly meetings before submitting the application, at $40 per meeting. After the second meeting, applicants must submit their completed application, which costs a non-refundable $25. If approved, the vendor pays a one-time joining fee of $150.
Annual dues are $595/year, payable in January. Dues are pro-rated for members who join mid-year.