Code of Ethics

Photo Credit: Jill Person Photography

Members of the Boston Wedding Group, collectively and individually, believe that sound and ethical practices are good business.

We believe that customers seek out vendors in whom they can place their trust. Further we believe that conduct that is hurtful to the reputation of any Boston Wedding Group member is also hurtful to the reputations of all members. It is with these beliefs in mind that we establish this Code of Ethics.

Photo Credit: Jill Person Photography

Members of the Boston Wedding Group agree to abide by the following standards:

  1. A BWG member shall always attempt to present information in as clear and unambiguous a manner as possible, shall honor the trust of the customer, and shall not take advantage of the customer’s lack of experience or knowledge.
  2. Offers of goods and services should be clear, so that customers may know exactly what is being offered and the extent of the commitment they are considering.
  3. Any description of the goods and quantity purchased, and the price and terms of payment should be clearly stated on the order form.
  4. Contracts or receipts should conform to applicable laws and regulations.
  5. Any guarantee or warranty stated by member should be consistent with, and at least as protective as, that of the manufacturer or supplier of the product sold.
  6. Any receipt or contract copy given to the customer should show the name and contact information of the vendor.
  7. Refund policies, if any, should be clearly stated on all contracts and order forms.
  8. Any salesperson representing a BWG member should immediately identify him or herself to a prospective customer and should truthfully indicate to the customer the purpose of the contact, identifying the company or product brands represented.
  9. A BWG member should not imply that a prospective customer has been “specially selected” to receive some reputed benefit or that any offer is special or limited as to time when such is not the case.
  10. Selling contacts should not be intrusive and the right of the customer to terminate a sales interview should be scrupulously respected.
  11. All references to testimonials and endorsements should be truthful, currently applicable and authorized by the person or organization giving it.
  12. If product, service or other types of comparisons are made, they should be fair and based on substantiated facts.
  13. A BWG member should refrain from disparagement of other products or firms.
  14. A BWG member should not attempt to induce a customer to cancel a contract the customer has made with another provider of the same product or service.