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The Difference between a Hair Stylist and a Wedding Event Hairstylist

Hairstylists and events hairstylists are two separate categories. Here’s why you should be certain that your wedding hairstylist is properly experienced before saying “I do.” By Olivia C. Frazer Hair is a sacred thing. For centuries, hairstyles have signified aspects of identity like economic class and social standing. They were

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Why Hiring a Wedding Limo Service Is Completely Worth It

Have you considered yet how your wedding guests will be getting from point A to point B? Here is how booking a limo service will take the guesswork out of transporting your guests. By Olivia C. Frazer Wedding planning is all about the details. From the floral centerpieces to the

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Post-COVID Wedding Planning

It seems like everyone is getting married now because they finally can! Here’s what the post-COVID Wedding Boom is, why you need to be aware of it, and how to properly navigate it. By Olivia C. Frazer Picture this: a smiling bride waves at her grandmother through a nursing home

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