Eat With Ease at Your Wedding

Eat With Ease at Your Wedding

On the big day, you and your guests should eat with ease. Michele Stump from East Meets West Catering has the tips to make your dining experience a delight!

According to Michele, “The most important part of the big day is the wedding couple’s experience. The food should enhance that.” To make this a reality, visualize eating your way through the menu. Will you and your partner be satisfied? Will your guests be content? Will the food encourage a timely flow of the event? Michele helps break these questions down.          

Imagine your must-haves

The food will follow you throughout the festivities. It starts during cocktail hour with passed or stationary hors d’oeuvres, or even a food station. During dinner, you can choose to have a starter, an entrée, and dessert. You could mix it up with European-style courses. You may opt to have a buffet or more food stations. With all the options, it’s helpful to imagine what you want the day to look like.

To do this, Michele asks, “What’s your favorite restaurant? At the last wedding you went to, what was the best part of the meal? What didn’t you like? Are specialty cocktails a must?” Identifying preferences aids in picturing a menu that reflects you and your fiancé.

With these ideas stirring, it’s time to focus on the guests. Because, of course, when the guests think the food is good, they’re satisfied. But, as Michele says, “If they don’t think the food is good, they remember it.”

Consider the guests you’re serving

You’re likely feeding a large number of people. With that, comes a variety of allergies and preferences. You may want to consider these things before finalizing the menu. As Michele points out, “It can be uncomfortable for someone with allergies to have a plate that looks different from everyone else’s.” If you know that a portion of your guests have a gluten allergy, you could choose to have a gluten-free first course and entrée for everyone. But for the allergies you don’t know about, Michele recommends that the meal choices and allergy information be included on the RSVPs so as to accommodate everyone.   

Previously, when imagining your menu, did you incorporate exotic flavors? Well, if you and your fiancé have “bold and eclectic palettes, show that off at the cocktail hour,” Michele says. Then, perhaps refine your main meal to make it appealing to all. And remember: the way food tastes is not the only way to make it pleasurable.

You want to eat with ease, Michele says. “For example, at cocktail hour, guests have a glass in one hand, food in the other, and are trying to socialize.” Choosing bite-size hors d’oeuvres, and eliminating nonedible elements like skewers, simplifies the experience. 

Make the timeline stress-free

The timeline of when food is going to be served is important. One reason timing matters, Michele says, is because of the entertainment. “People pay a pretty penny for their entertainment. When the meal is running overtime, it cuts into the dancing, which is a big part of the party.” But of course, the events of the day cannot always be predicted. So, beforehand, arrange to have a pre-set first course. Then, when guests are invited to dinner, they begin to eat as they flow in, helping stick to the schedule. Also, plan to have a dessert or cake table. This gives guests the chance to mingle and migrate to the dance floor.    

Preparation like this will help pace the evening. The most important thing to remember about the timeline, though, is that you can’t plan down to the minute. “You don’t get to wear a watch on your wedding day,” says Michele. “The team you hired wears the watch!” You’ve done all you can to create an enjoyable menu. So, when you reach the celebration, all that’s left to do is enjoy!

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