The Invaluable Outcome of Filming Your Wedding

The Invaluable Outcome of Filming Your Wedding

“Most couples don’t see the value in a wedding video until it’s too late.” Jeff Brouillet, owner of Ready Set Film, insists that capturing your wedding is a priceless gift that gives year after year.

Maybe you’re convinced that photos are enough to keep the memory of your wedding alive; you think a video is not worth the added expense. Maybe you’re apprehensive to be the star of a film, or that more equipment might ruin the aesthetic. Maybe hiring a videographer is an added task that appears too stressful. Well, if these reasons are holding you back from filming your wedding, you may be overlooking the worth of a video!

If it’s filmed, you will not forget it

No one wants the magic of their wedding to slip away as time passes. The best way to relive it is to have it on film! Being married himself, Brouillet knows that “At the end of the day, what matters most are the people …. You’ll never have that group of people together again. The video becomes priceless as the years go on and people change.” People grow up, move away, pass away. Five, ten, thirty years later, as you’re rewatching your wedding, that one-time videographer payment has turned into a gift that keeps on giving. You can use it to celebrate anniversaries, marvel at how different those who attended look now, and share it with your children in future years. And, hey, as Jeff says, “There’s never going to be a day in your life where people say so many wonderful things about you and your fiancé.” You should capture those words, and never let anyone forget them!

A seamless addition to your big day

Hair, make-up, a flawless outfit, a crowd gathered to watch you and your fiancé, and being on camera? At first, the thought may inflict some discomfort. Having filmed over 500 weddings, though, Brouillet can confidently report that “once you get into the moment, you’re so caught up in the excitement that you don’t even notice the cameras.” The stress of being picture-perfect fades away as the professionals tuck their equipment into ideal locations. Your only task is to be yourself. Brouillet provides words of reassurance: “The moment happens once, and we capture it.”

The search does not devalue the product

Seeking a videographer does not need to be a stressful addition to your to-do’s. When hiring a videographer, Brouillet offers advice on how to simplify the process. First things first, you want someone to capture your unique love story. Ready Set Film does this by meeting with clients beforehand, to go over elements that will be exclusive to their marriage; maybe couples will sing to each other, or a loved one has a message to recite. The videographer you’re looking for will also know the importance of lighting and sound. They may attach a microphone to the speaker or utilize professional equipment when natural lighting isn’t offered. Lastly, “Having a photographer and a videographer that gel well together” Brouillet says, “is going to make a big difference in your photos and video.” He encourages couples to take advantage of the Boston Wedding Group, as many of the vendors have an established relationship.

Consider the value of filming your wedding, and your future self will thank you! The special moments of the day deserve to last a lifetime. Rather than nervously anticipating the camera, you’ll likely settle into the excitement, reassured that the little details will be captured.

Making the search for a videographer a priority will only add value to the experience!

Joe Gonzalez-Dufresne

Joe Gonzalez-Dufresne


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