You are Worthy of Luxury

You are Worthy of Luxury

Luxury hotel weddings are making a comeback! And yes, you are “fancy” enough to pull it off.

By Olivia C. Frazer

A scarcity mindset is a common psychological complex in which an individual is so obsessed with the lack of something, often money, that it affects their mental health and decision-making. When operating from a scarcity mindset, many couples may deny each other the pleasure of a luxury hotel wedding due to self-doubt, the feeling that they “don’t belong.” But your special day is the ideal opportunity to host such a grand event because there are few life occasions with comparable significance. You and your partner’s happiness is priceless. The memories shared with your loved ones will be irreplaceable. And the decision to have your wedding at an upscale hotel may actually be a lot more practical than you might think.

Your venue will significantly define the day

Boston Wedding Group’s Jillian Nichols, Director of Catering and Conference Services at The Newbury Boston, says, “The venue is normally about 50% of the budget.” In other words, you must be certain that you love it as it will be your largest expense. Furthermore, when starting wedding planning your initial thought often is: where will it be? This is because the venue defines the aesthetic of the wedding. Whether it be in a barn or a garden, there is a distinct tone that comes with each potential location. It is important to feel that your special day is something momentous as well as a reflection of your personality.

Be sure to pick a venue as special as you are

Moreover, Jillian says, “Every couple has their own love story and their own décor that transforms the ballrooms. Each wedding has its own vibe.” So even if you use the same chairs as another couple, your wedding will have its own refined charm that is distinctively you. Since The Newbury Boston debuted in May 2021, following a dramatic renovation and restoration, the hotel has been sought out for weddings and special events where guests and couples all put their own twist on the venue. This renewed interest in luxury hotel weddings appears to be due to the timeless elegance, one-of-a-kind luxury, and high-quality hospitality that they offer. Jillian says that the couple and the guests “instantly know they are someplace special” once they enter the building.

Luxury hotels can be a practical venue too

There is a convenience, as Jillian says, to a hotel venue since your guests and event are in the same space. As she explains: “Hotels are easier because everything is included. The rooms, the tables, the chef, the staff, the service, and more, are all provided for you.” Additionally, all the guests staying in one location simplifies travel time as the ballroom is just an elevator ride away. However, do not fret about this diluting creativity. Many hotels are still unique venues. For example, The Newbury Boston has been a landmark since first opening in 1927 and many local guests have a special connection to the property.  Guests who are new to the hotel are instantly charmed by The Newbury Boston’s history.  

In such a fancy place there is sometimes a tendency to feel insecure about belonging. Jillian says, “Our staff puts all our guests at ease. Our service is genuine and helps all our guests feel comfortable.” According to her, the heart of the building and the source of its magic are the people who work there. So even if you and your partner are a bit nervous, you can treat yourself to the venue of your dreams. After all, it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience (and expense). And who says luxury cannot be practical?


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