Insider’s Guide to Signature Coffee Drinks for Summer Weddings

Summer wedding in your future? Here’s the Espresso Dave’s insider’s guide to signature coffee drinks for summer weddings.

1. Hire an espresso bar service to provide the handcrafted, gourmet coffee your guests have come to expect (and love!) Like a bartender, a barista adds style and entertainment to your event. Be sure to inquire about the barista’s experience; set up and break down; power and/or water needs; china rental, hourly rate, and menu.
2. Develop a specific list of signature coffee drinks for summer weddings. Buzzwords: icy, smooth, frozen, refreshing. (See the featured photo!)
3. Add your spin to the basic summer wedding coffee drink menu. Any espresso bar service worth its weight in coffee beans will gladly work with you to develop signature coffee drinks for your summer wedding. The possibilities of flavor enhancements are endless. Torani Syrups offers a terrific recipe finder.
4. Espresso Dave’s Specialty Coffee Catering offers Beverage Toppers to further customize your signature coffee drinks for summer weddings. It’s exclusive to Espresso Dave clients! What a cool way to share your monogram, photo or theme with your guests.
5. Customize your signature coffee drinks for summer weddings by naming your coffee refreshment after the bride, groom, hometowns, favorite movies, etc. Work with your espresso bar service for ideas.
6. Lucky enough to have a barista and a bartender at your reception? We have a few tips about the dynamic duo of alcohol and espresso! Read our blog post here.

Now that you have the inside scoop to signature coffee drinks for summer weddings, here’s what you can do:

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