Five Tips for Selecting a Vendor

Five Tips for Selecting a Vendor

There are so many decisions to make when it comes to planning your wedding. Here are some
guiding points on how to make these decisions easier, more informed, and less stressful.

By Olivia C. Frazer

You’re engaged — congratulations! Be sure to take a moment to fully immerse yourself in that
joy before heading onto the next, admittedly stressful, stage: wedding planning. After picking a
date, the second most significant step is to select the various vendors that you’ll need to help
manage your special day. Whether it be the calligrapher for your invitations or the dream venue
overlooking the water, there is most certainly a vendor in the Boston area for even the most
niche need. Here are some of the most noteworthy tips given by BWG wedding professionals in
finding your perfect wedding vendor match.

1. Have a vision.
We all are familiar with Pinterest as a main curator of wedding ideas, so take notes on what sort
of styles catch your attention and create a vision board to best express what you are looking for.
Additionally, think of weddings you’ve previously attended and what you’ve enjoyed about them;
however, be sure to do something all your own. Imitation is flattery, but this day should be an
authentic reflection of you and your partner’s unique style.


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2. Know your budget and your priorities.
This is an especially integral conversation to have with your partner before plunging into cake
tastings and face-to-face meetings with planners. Wedding planner Alexis Eliopoulos O’Mara,
owner of Unique Weddings by Alexis, emphasizes how important it is to be honest about what
your price points are with potential vendors to ensure your desires can be accomplished within
your means. Furthermore, with a concrete budget in mind, you both can have a greater
understanding of how much you want to spend in each area and what are your must-haves.

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3. Ask for referrals and read reviews.
The internet is a magical place of convenience. Each vendor will have a collection of reviews on
their website or social media pages that you can sift through in a single evening. If you’re more
of a word-of-mouth type, talk to family and friends for recommendations. In fact, Nanette
Kenney of Boston-based Photo Booth Favors says, “People love to know what they’re getting
and most of my clients are referrals.” Moreover, organizations like the Boston Wedding Group
can be of assistance since all the vendors are hand-picked and pre-vetted by a committee of
experts. In simple terms, they take the guesswork out.

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4. Be willing to shop around.

First is not always best, so there is no shame in scheduling multiple meetings with different
vendors in the same category. Professionalism is a part of their job; therefore, don’t worry about
hurting their feelings by saying no. Sample all your options and mull them over (within a
reasonable time frame, of course). Ultimately, it is up to you as a duo to evaluate — consider it
an opportunity to test your communication skills!

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5. See what fits best.
The biggest takeaway here is to select whomever feels most comfortable with you as a couple.
Are you looking for someone who is more upbeat and energetic to do your floral arrangements
or rather a calmer and more collected individual? Often, a vendor will reflect what you most
need to feel secure leading up to the big day. Theresa Herlihy Johnson of Winchester, Mass.-
based Johnson Photography, who has been in the business for nearly 30 years, says, “You
need somebody who you know you can trust,” which is a common sentiment among BWG
vendors. Yet, as important a day as it is, it still is just one event in your long and happy
marriage; ergo, take solace in the fact that all of this need not be a make-or-break moment. Find
happiness where you can along your planning journey.


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