Celebrate Across Time at a Historical Venue

Celebrate Across Time at a Historical Venue

Vintage is decidedly in this wedding season, and Boston is the perfect destination. Here are some of the reasons why historic venues like the Harvard Club of Boston never get old.

As one of the oldest cities in the United States, Boston is very much intertwined with its legacy in American history. Colonial–style buildings and modern architecture coexist on the same block or even in the same space, such as Faneuil Hall Marketplace. Overall, institutions like Harvard are representative of the aesthetic of the city: picturesque, classically charming, and timeless.

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When determining your wedding venue, almost anything can be an option depending on your creativity and budget. As the venue is often selected first, it heavily influences the entire tone of the wedding. Ultimately, the space, whether inside or outside, must reflect the desires of you and your partner. But for native Bostonians, or those who attended school there or are just avid history buffs — there is an appeal in returning to historic spaces for special events.

Jennifer Sepulveda, director of catering at The Harvard Club of Boston, says that “We get to be part of a very special day in people’s lives.” It’s a specialness shared between you and your partner, your loved ones, your vendors, and a century of partygoers before you. Here are three core reasons why these historic venues are so beloved:

Grand elegance

Certain buildings, especially historic ones, evoke a regal feeling. This is because architecture has a direct effect on the brain, and can influence how you perceive a room. There is a wish fulfillment in being able to host an event in a building that looks straight out of a period piece. With wood paneling, elaborate molding, and often a grand fireplace or two, these sorts of event spaces capture a bygone elegance. Even an untrained eye can appreciate quality craftsmanship. The old wood and plush antique furniture evoke luxury that cannot be replicated by a modern venue. The glow from the candles, when coupled with the elaborate table settings and historic surroundings, confer a unique level of grandeur to your wedding day. Who wouldn’t want to get married beneath chandeliers?

Like Jennifer says: “ “We have been around for over 100 years, Harvard Hall speaks for itself.”

Full scale catering

The dining experience should obviously be one of the highlights of your wedding. Thankfully many historic venues also provide catering, and (since they are often tourist destinations) may also have restaurants attached. Jennifer describes the full scale of The Harvard Club of Boston’s catering: “We have three kitchens, one for our member restaurant, one for private events, and a plating kitchen for the Hall.” Moreover, since a single highly experienced team operates culinary, beverage and the venue itself, communication is seamless.

A historic celebration

By hosting your event in a historic space, you take your place among a long line of celebrations that have occurred in that room. For example, the Harvard Club of Boston was built in 1913 — that’s over 110 years of events that you can add your own ceremony to. It’s truly beautiful to be a part of something historic because it creates an additional sense of importance. You and your loved ones get to celebrate across time with generations of other people. What could be more special, or timeless?

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