2020 Wedding Trends That We Love!

2020 Wedding Trends That We Love!

Are you recently engaged? Then let the planning begin!
2020 is upon us and we’re already seeing so many fun wedding trends roll in!
Here are five of our favorites…

1. THE PERMANENT BUSTLE: Brides are sewing their bustle in place so it holds all day and night!

Photography Credit: Person + Killian Photography

HERE’S WHY WE LOVE IT: Jill Person of Person + Killian Photography recently worked with a bride who kept her dress bustled all day long. Not only did it add more texture and look amazing but Jill says it made their formal photo session so much more efficient! The bride was able to move around easily and she didn’t have people stepping on her dress during all of the photo combos!

Photography Credit: Person + Killian Photography

2. CHARGE THE CARD: Many couples are putting their wedding expenses on a credit card to gain points and miles.

HERE’S WHY WE LOVE IT: Extra points and miles come in especially handy when planning your honeymoon! You can of course put those miles toward your air fare but Averie Borgaro from Inspired Luxe Travel is also helping her clients use points to book excursions and/or upgrade their hotel room! Just think, instead of staying in a standard room, you could check in to an overwater bungalow at the Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora (one of Averie’s favorites!) 

Photography Credit: Averie Borgaro

3. PRIVATE VOWS: Instead of sharing their personal vows during the ceremony, couples are making the experience more intimate by exchanging vows privately after their first look.

Photography Credit: Person + Killian Photography

HERE’S WHY WE LOVE IT: It’s so romantic! Plus, as Kathy Horemiotis from S.H. Videography says, it makes AMAZING footage for your wedding film and magnifies the importance of a professional wedding filmmaker who can discreetly capture and preserve every word!

4. SIGNATURE COFFEE DRINKS: Dave Salzman from Espresso Dave’s Catering Service says that a lot of couples are personalizing their menu with a signature coffee creation. He’s been asked several times to brew fresh espresso so the bartenders can prepare on-trend coffee cocktails like: Espresso Martinis, Coffee Gin and Tonics, Coffee Old Fashioneds, Irish Coffees, and Coffee Negronis!

Photography Credit: Sarah Pudlo + Co Photography

HERE’S WHY WE LOVE IT: It’s an easy way to create an unforgettable experience while adding personalization to your event. Dave said he’s brewed beverages that represent a couple’s favorite flavor, activity, and/or significant event.

5. A NEW SPIN ON THE CLASSIC PHOTO BOOTH: Photo booths have been a hit for a while, but this year, there’s a new booth in town… the mirror booth!

Photography Credit: Nanette Kenney

HERE’S WHY WE LOVE IT: It’s different, fun, and extremely customizable! Nanette Kenney of Photobooth Favors says the innovative booth allows a wedding couple to add a welcome message that will greet their guests as they step up to the mirror. It then allows guests to sign their photo right on screen and prints 2×6 and 4×6 images. The magical Mirror Booth certainly brings a WOW factor like no other!

Photography Credit: Nanette Kenney



FEATURE PHOTO CREDIT: Sarah Pudlo + Co Photography


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