Maricruz Hairstyles

Personal Information

First Name: Maricruz

Last Name: Polito


Contact Information

Company name: Maricruz Hairstyles

Contact name: Maricruz Polito

Company number: 617-938-7523

Company fax:

Address: 200 High Street


City: Boston

State: Massachusetts

Zip Code: 02110

About Company

PHILOSOPHY Although I have accumulated enough knowledge throughout more than 14 years of experiencing in the industry and I am fully skilled to serve clientele with different tastes from a elegant vintage, modern, classic, bohemian, or simplistic, my philosophy is that a bride always looks her best when she has confidence, comfort and the feeling that she looks beautiful with what she is wearing. I bring my experience, my skills and my knowledge. You bring your enthusiasm and excitement for your upcoming event and together will bring out your vision.

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