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The Details: 

Lisa Santoro, Account Executive of CORT Event Furnishings

Location: 2 R Campanelli Parkway, Stoughton, MA  02072

Years in BWG: Three {3}

Outside of Weddings / Events what do you enjoy: I love to cook

Bio Bit: 10 Years with CORT.  First five years in Miami renting furnishings for the workplace.  Second five years in New England renting furnishings for social and corporate events.

Expert Tip: Before making a final decision on what furnishings to rent for your event, make sure you have a space plan drawn up.  Many times we find our clients renting more furniture than can actually fit in their event space.  At CORT, we offer FREE space planning services to ensure you aren’t spending money on furniture items you won’t be able to use.

What’s Trending: We are seeing the formal sit down dinner portion of the reception going away. More couples are leaning towards a more casual party-like atmosphere with food stations and heavy passed hors d’oeuvres. Couples want the party environment with lots of cool lounge furniture instead of the traditional linened dining table and chiavari chairs.

What you love: I love when couples show their personality in their weddings.

Your Wedding Style: I don’t have a wedding style.  When you have been styling wedding environments as long as I have, you learn to appreciate a lot of styles.

Wedding Resource:  I look to the industry leaders for a lot of my inspiration: Rafanelli Events and Perfect Surroundings

The Visual:

Court 7

Court 5

Court 4

Court 3

Court 2


The Buzz: http://www.cortevents.com/news/category/article/cid/5/id/226

Explore More:

CORT Event Furnishings website:  www.cortevents.com

CORT Event Furnishings Wedding Page:  http://www.cortevents.com/get-inspired/weddings

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