Weather Won’t Stop Us!

Weather Won’t Stop Us!

One of the most common questions we are asked as off-premise caterers is: “what if it rains?”. The answer? “The show goes on!” Off premise catering is a unique niche in the food service industry. We are like snails, in that we carry all we need with us, and we are like circus performers in that we can juggle, perform magic and keep the crowd happy!

At a recent Memorial Day Weekend wedding, we had a most unusually cold and rainy day. As disappointing as that is to the bride and groom, the concerns that run through my head are: do we have a big enough tent? where will the waitstaff have to walk? Will it be slippery? These and MANY more concerns are addressed before the big day.

How do we adapt and always make the “show go on?” I have to say it is a combination of 2 things…1. our staff is so adaptable and always willing to pitch in, and 2. the amazing relationships we have with other vendors that always make our events shine! This past cold and rainy wedding? Our tent sub-contractor worked all day to put up an additional tent for a cocktail space and made sure the walls were secure. Our staff wore layers under their uniform, served all the guests with a smile and made the wedding a huge success!

Rain most certainly did NOT dampen the happiness in the hearts of the bride, groom, and all their loved ones.

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